You could say that Michael Kunde is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, but that wouldn’t really be accurate. He grew up there and that’s where his house is, but when his friends speak of him, someone inevitably asks, “So how long is Mikey in town for this time?” Chances are it's just long enough for him to do laundry before his next photoshoot, which might consist of trying not to drown or get eaten by sharks while bobbing in the waters around Catalina Island. Or, if it’s winter and he’s in town for a whopping 10 days, you can guarantee that he’ll acquire one of those deep-powder-frozen-snow-beards 10 days in a row before he heads to Bangkok just to revisit his favorite street food stall. Michael just won’t sit still. He can’t. He has to meet all the people even if he doesn’t speak their language, try all the foods—be it fried mystery meat or a Michelin meal—and capture the beauty of the world around him, whether on a massive commercial shoot or by himself with an entire pallet of Instax film. If you meet once you’re friends for life—you’ll know him by his unbridled enthusiasm and lust for the unknown, with a tiki drink in one hand and a camera in the other.


Omni Hotels, Adobe, Intermountain Healthcare, Centura Health, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Verdesian Life Sciences, Farm Credit, Utah Tourism, Catalina Island Tourism, Westminster College, Southern New Hampshire University, Ameritech College, Chaco Sandals, Merrell Boots, Lennar Homes, Pluralsight, Brighton Mountain Resort, PBR